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Makeup Is Not Just About Looking Good; Haute Monde Educator Anita Deanne

Anita Deanne is a professional freelance Makeup Artist currently based out of Windsor, Ontario with 15 years on experience in the industry. Anita's love for makeup started at a young age and since then has flourished into one of her greatest passions. Anita received her training and graduated from the renowned and former, Empire Academy of Makeup in California, under the training of well known Donna Mee. Anita has gained expertise is bridal, runway, and print makeup application. She has been hired with various companies for print and commercial opportunities including Metro, Canadian Running Magazine and Goodlife Fitness. Anita is also an established bridal makeup artist who specializes in enhancing her clients natural beauty.

Makeup is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good. It is the way you feeling about yourself when you know that your inner and outer beauty are aligned. Some people say that real beauty is only skin deep; however, the way an individual feels about their outer beauty deeply affects their lives. As a teenager, Anita battled with low self- esteem and had very little self- confidence. Anita began to experiment with makeup, and discovered that she could not only transform the physical appearance of her skin, but also feel like an entirely new person. Anita developed a passion not only for makeup but also for helping others to improve their self- esteem.

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